shampoo bar, cleansing bar and shampoo bar holder

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upgrade your daily routine with our sustainable body wash bar, shampoo bar holder and your choice of one of our award winning shampoo bars 

our natural cleansing bar is extra moisturising - it'll nourish your skin and protect it from the free radicals you’re exposed to every day.

it's a top choice for your body and face, get ready for skin that glows!

object shampoo bars have been formulated by experts to lather richly and to help cleanse and rejuvenate your hair.

and our shampoo bar holders are the best way to keep your bars clean, dry and long-lasting.

    how to use your object shampoo bar: first, thoroughly wet your hair, the wetter the better. rub the bar between your hands with water to create some foam then apply the bar directly to your hair and scalp to create even more foam. repeat this until you have oodles of foam – remember that it might take a bit longer than normal if you live in a hard water area or if you have product in your hair. massage the foam in and feel the dreamy aromatherapeutic effects of the natural ingredients and fragrances. rinse your hair thoroughly. make sure to keep the bar dry between washes to give it a longer life - our shower dishes and travel tins are perfect for this. how to use your object sustainable face and body wash bar: use your hands to create lather. massage the lather into your skin or apply the bar directly to your skin. rinse with water and pat dry. how to use your shampoo bar holder UK place your shampoo bar holder in or around your shower or bath and place your shampoo bars and sustainable face and body wash bars on top of it between washes. ensure that your ethical bars remain dry between washes and avoid placing your shampoo bar holder directly under your shower. top tip - place an upside down object travel tin on top of each of your bars to protect them from water.
    what's included in this bundle: - sustainable face and body wash bar with jojoba, oat & palmarosa - object shampoo bar - choose one of our award winning shampoo bars, there's one for every hair type - shampoo bar holder UK what you need to know: - natural fragrances - positive luxury certified - award winning - salon quality - handmade in Spain - all natural - pH balanced - gender inclusive - vegan - 100% plastic free - saves up to 3 plastic bottles per bar - palm oil free - cruelty free - no nasties (sulphates, parabens, artificial colourings etc) - this bundle comes with free UK shipping and a complementary travel tin
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