_we started object to create an amazing natural alternative to bathrooms overflowing with plastic waste but we also want to form a community to object to the status quo – because buying eco products is only part of the solution.

we’re living through challenging times both socially and environmentally but we know that together we can make a difference.

we're creating a platform using social media, our community blog and the object unwrapped magazine to shout about issues that mean a lot to us and to galvanise our community to bring about change – everything from BLM to the environment to trans rights – so get involved and object to the status quo.

check out our blog posts, sign-up below and join the debate - we’d love to hear from you.

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cleansing bar

natural body wash bar

with jojoba, oat and palmarosa



moisturising shampoo bar

natural shampoo bar for dry hair

with coconut milk, moringa and ylang ylang


Object Beauty

plastic free starter set

get started on your plastic free journey

with a selection of bars and accessories

£40.00 £64.00