our story

we’re jack and hugo, welcome to object

object's an independent business, run by people who care, and we feel a personal connection with every new member of our community, so welcome to the gang!

why did we start object?

we were sick of all the plastic waste filling our bathroom so we looked for an alternative. we searched high and low for brands and products that fitted the bill of being natural, ethical and zero plastic.

but also, we wanted products that worked well and that looked great – after all, why should standing up for what you believe in mean compromising on quality or design?

when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to make it ourselves.

we started object to create a radical, natural alternative to bathrooms overflowing with plastic waste, but equally important to us is creating a business that gives back to people and the planet.

find out how we do that on our sustainability page, and sign up below to join the community!

jack + hugo