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a life on our planet

a life on our planet

Apparently he doesn't like the term but there's no denying that David Attenborough is one of the UK's national treasures. 

For those of you not familiar with him, he turned 93 this year and for nearly 70 years he's worked as a documentary film maker and environmental activist. He's passionate about the natural world and has spent most of his life exploring the natural environment. 

This puts him in a unique position as he's witnessed the destruction of the natural environment over most of the last century first hand.

In his most recent Netflix show, A Life on our Planet, David Attenborough gives a witness statement of the world's destruction. It's very moving and it had a big impact on us.

The documentary paints a shocking picture of what the world might look like in the next few decades if we carry on in the current direction. But it also offers an alternative ending - a much more positive future which can be achieved if we all do our bit to bring about change.
We would encourage you all to the watch the documentary but the message is so important that we also wanted to share the key takeaways with you here (spoiler alert, don't read this if you plan to watch it!):
A life on our planet

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