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meet the city - barcelona

meet the city - barcelona

In our last edition of 2020, we wanted to share the truly inspiring story of Barcelona. Its inhabitants are reclaiming the streets and we hope that other cities follow their lead.

Barcelona currently has the EU’s highest density of cars and its worst levels of noise pollution.

Its citizens breathe air that consistently exceeds EU and WHO limits for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and PM10 particulates.

But Covid has changed the debate on public space and the government of Barcelona has recently published its 10-year plan for the re-greening of the city.

At the heart of its plan are "superblocks".

Superblocks are groups of nine normal city blocks which are grouped together and closed to through traffic. Parking spaces are eliminated and green spaces, play areas and cycle lanes are introduced. While cars aren’t banned, the superblocks are car-unfriendly.

Is this the future of urban planning? We hope so.

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