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meet the founders

meet the founders

Hi - we’re Jack and Hugo, the founders of object.

Firstly, a huge welcome - we’re stoked that you’ve joined the community.

Before we met, we inadvertently followed each other around most of South East Asia and South America. I’m pretty sure Hugo had dreadlocks at some point, luckily it’s not a look he’s kept up.

Since then, we’ve travelled to all but one continent together and have also had several stints living apart in different cities.

It’s probably fair to say we have itchy feet. 

In 2018, we ditched our jobs in London and moved to Spain - the move was exhilarating but also terrifying.

When you change one significant thing in your life, it often makes you think about other changes that you want to make and that was definitely the case with us.

We’d always wanted to start a business that would make a difference and the move to Spain gave us the impetus to finally do it.


Over the past few years, we’ve significantly changed the way we live to try to exist in a more sustainable way.

Everything from flying less to eating less meat to driving a hybrid car - we can’t really afford it but Hugo insisted on it - I had my heart set on a classic convertible Golf!

But one thing that has always played on our minds is the amount of unnecessary single use plastic that we generate, particularly in our bathrooms - the quantities are depressing.

So in 2018, we decided to find an alternative for the beauty essentials that we used every day.

We searched high and low online and in indie shops for brands and products that fitted the bill of being amazing for your hair and body, ethical, plastic free and also design led.

We couldn’t find what we were looking for so we decided to make it ourselves and we’re pretty happy with the results.


We always say that there are two sides to object.

Object is about creating an awesome alternative to bathrooms overflowing with plastic waste but it’s also about forming a community to object to the status quo.

We’re living through challenging times both socially and environmentally but we believe that together we can make a difference.

We want to create a platform using social media and our newsletter to shout about issues that we care about - everything from BLM to the environment to trans rights, and we’d love you to get involved.

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