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travel and wellness trends for 2021

travel and wellness trends for 2021

Nadia Walford

Nadia Walford is a PR guru specialising in luxury travel, wellness and lifestyle.

In this month’s blog post, she gazes into her crystal ball and shares her top five travel and wellness trends for 2021.

1. Remote working, but make it luxury, darling


Remote working is here to stay but if your home office (i.e. your living room) is giving you cabin fever, why not book a ‘Workation’ package, now offered by luxury hotels as far as the Maldives; alternatively get a ‘digital nomad’ visa for long stays in Barbados. Meanwhile Yon offers a collection of homes, from Sicily to Marrakesh, for likeminded people to share, where life is centred around ‘relaxation, productive working and exploration.’

2. Party like it’s your birthday

House party

With Covid-19 scooping up the prize for ‘2020’s biggest party pooper’, it’s no surprise that 2021 bookings for private property rentals have skyrocketed. 33 Nights offers an ‘Event Villa’ category to help you find your perfect party pad, and they’ll even sort out your own party planner #blowout!

3. BYO for zero waste

Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 15.50.31.png

2021 is set to be the year of “zero waste” so make sure to bring your own accessories when you travel. Two of my favourites are object’s plastic free, natural hair and body bar range which come with free handy travel tins (of course!), and the vegan-friendly Snoooze travel pillow with silk pillowcase to ensure you get your beauty sleep whilst on the go. Both are small enough to fit in your hand luggage, the perfect travel companions.

4. Impactful travel


Making a positive impact on the world through travel is probably the best resolution you could make for 2021. Whether you book a trip via Green Tickets, or support initiatives like Pack for Purpose and Stuff Your Rucksack that give back to communities, we can all make a difference.

5. Mental fitness

Sound healing

Bereavement, isolation and fear - just some of the many factors triggering mental health conditions in lockdown. That’s why keeping our emotional health in tip-top shape has never been more important. Luckily, there are a host of mental health start-ups designed to help. One of my favourites is Minderful which compiles helpful tips so you can build them into your own mental fitness routine. And for the more open minded, try sound and energy healing.


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