cleansing bar

natural body wash bar

with jojoba, oat and palmarosa


Object Beauty

cleansing bar, conditioner & shampoo

all the natural bars

for hair, face and body

£38.00 £47.00

Object Beauty

cleansing bar, shampoo & shower dish

two natural bars

the perfect combination

£36.00 £45.00


concrete shower dish

beautifully designed, the perfect addition to any bathroom



gift set

three natural bars, three accessories, no plastic

with a selection of bars and accessories

£40.00 £64.00

Object Beauty

hair & body set

award winning object shampoo

cleansing bar and shampoo bar

£25.00 £28.00

Object Beauty

hair cair combo

treat your hair to our award winning

natural shampoo and conditioner bars

£25.00 £28.00


light weight travel tin

the perfect accessory to keep bars dry whilst you're on the move



moisturising shampoo bar

natural shampoo bar for dry hair

with coconut milk, moringa and ylang ylang