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why our sustainable shampoo is sulphate free

why our sustainable shampoo is sulphate free

You've probably heard about the recent trend of beauty brands going "sulphate free", but what's all the fuss about!?

We won't deny that sulphates are pretty amazing ingredients. They're effective cleansers and they create the foam that we all love.

The most common sulphates in cosmetics are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES).

Take a look at the ingredients lists on the products in your bathroom and you're sure to see SLS or SLES in everything from facial cleansers to toothpastes.

But there are some serious issues with sulphates.

Here's what you need to know:

the problem with sulphates

That's why at object our sustainable shampoo bars are 100% sulphate free.

Instead of sulphates, we use sodium cocoyl isethionate, a gentle plant based ingredient derived from coconuts. It's a great cleanser and creates a rich foam.

If you suffer from irritated skin, acne or dry hair, it may well be sulphates that are the issue so why not give sulphate free beauty a try?

Our moisturising solid shampoo bar is a good place to start, after all, it did win best solid shampoo at the Cosmopolitan Beaty Awards!